Vegetable or Chicken Stock

Stock is always a great thing to keep on hand, fresh or frozen. Anytime I roast a whole chicken or just use the meat from a chicken, I throw the bones in a pot to make stock. It is wonderfully simple and leaps-and-bounds better than using bouillon cubes. Bouillon cubes are fine when you don’t have stock and need that extra punch of flavor that water just can’t provide. Stock, chicken in particular, is incredibly healing as well. Check out all the facts of why chicken soup is great for a cold at, there are also recipes included (the Thai chicken soup would be yummy, just sub organic ingredients and make sure the fish sauce is gluten-free).

I use stock for soups, sauces, rice and beans. Using stock, adds a well rounded level of flavor and provides lots of extra nutrients. If you are going to freeze the stock (or anything else) in usable size portions, the freezer trays you should invest in are at The Soft Landing. Here’s how to make stock:

Amount            Ingredients

1 whole                Chicken carcass (omit for vegetable only stock)

1 large                  Yellow onion, cut in big chunks

2 stalks                 Celery, washed, cut in big chunks

1 medium            Carrot, washed, cut in big chunks

1 each                   Bay Leaf

2 stems                 Thyme, fresh



  1. Prep veggies and put all in large stock pot
  2. Fill with water, enough to cover ingredients
  3. Allow to steep over low heat for 3-4 hours
  4. If stock reduces too much, add water, if there is too much liquid, allow to continue simmering to reduce amount
  5. Strain
  6. Allow to cool, open or loosely covered in refrigerator
  7. When completely cooled, portion for freezing or store for use later


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