Variety Fruit Salsa – Bursting with Summer Flavors!

Here we are rounding out the summer, getting into our back-to-school routines…well the foods of the season are not done yet! This salsa is wonderful last Hoorrah! It contains nectarines, strawberries AND blueberries, although almost any fruit would be delectable with this combination. If you have fruit that you need to use up before it goes south, this is the perfect solution and it helps the fruit last longer.

I would serve this with any protein, pan-seared or grilled, cilantro marinated or even lemon pepper would be nice. There are so many possibilities, enjoy experimenting on your own to figure out what you like it best with. One more tip, making this a day ahead of time, or even a few days ahead will produce a well married salsa that is bursting with flavor in every bite!


Amount              Ingredients

2 medium          Nectarines, sliced then diced small, not necessary to peel

5 medium          Strawberries, again sliced then diced small

1/4 cup               Blueberries, cut in half

1 medium          Cucumber, 5-6 inches long X 1 inch around, Peel, slice off meat only (no seeds), small dice

1/2 medium      Onion, yellow, small dice

1/2 bundle         Cilantro, chopped

1 Tbls                    Safflower oil, or other mild flavored oil

1 tsp                      Sea salt

1 packet               Stevia

1/4 tsp                 pepper, black

1 tsp                      lime juice



1. Toss all ingredients together in bowl and fold together to incorporate

2. Cover or place in a container with lid to store overnight or for a few days

3. Serve chilled


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