Sweet Potato Crisps/Chips

I always try to have sweet potatoes on hand. They are low carb and incredibly versatile. This recipe is quick, easy and can be varied in several ways to make it seem new and interesting each and every time. You begin with some medium sized sweet potatoes, washed, then it’s your choice to peel or not to peel, and slice them in rounds as thin as you can. I used the mandolin for this one, but I’m sure the food processor slicer, the electric slicer, or if you’re really skilled, by hand (be careful!)

Any veggies are best fried when they are first dredged in starch and/or flour. Thus the commonality of gluten coated french fries from the fast food joint. The starch/flour mixture prevents the chips or fries from sticking together and improves the crunchy outside while retaining the warm, soft inside. It also provides a beautiful color which indicates when the fry is done to perfection. That being said, choose your flour, I chose buckwheat since it gives the luscious browning effect while adding a laundry list of health benefits and a high concentration of amino acids, iron, zinc and fiber.


Amount                             Ingredient

2 medium, thin sliced      Sweet Potatoes, organic, clean unpeeled skins have lots of nutrients 😉

½ cup                                  Buckwheat flour

2 Tbls                                  Tapioca starch (or starch of your choice)

1 tsp + 2 tsp                       sea salt

1 packet                             Stevia (any sweetener, xylitol, palm sugar, local honey or agave)

2 cups                                Canola Oil, heated to 350 in wide & shallow pan or deep fryer


  1. Use a gallon zipper bag or brown paper bag, combine all ingredients
  2. Toss gently to coat each chip with a dusting of flour mixture
  3. Grab a handful of chips, shake off excess flour mixture, add to hot oil one at a time
  4. You will need to do 3 or 4 rounds of frying, so don’t packed them in the oil
  5. Let chips fry for 7-9 minutes or until they are very crispy, stirring occasionally
  6. Remove from oil with large straining spoon, place on rack or towel to catch oil run-off
  7. Sprinkle with sea salt
  8. Allow oil to heat back up for a minute before beginning your next round of frying
  9. Serve immediately or bag them for another day



  1. Use a different type of potato (omit sweetener) or beets instead
  2. Make in the shape of french fries for sweet potato fries, very popular these days
  3. Experiment with a different seasoning combination, like Cajun, BBQ or cinnamon
  4. Make several batches, while you’re at it, bag them for lunches or on-the-go snacks


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