Spun Honey Mustard Sauce

Having a versatile sauce to use for various purposes is always an added bonus to any multiple allergy accommodating kitchen. This sauce is cold and can be used as a dressing, a dipping sauce, sauce for the protein at the center of your plate and/or a marinade or baste. It is also very simple to make, with only 4 ingredients, and kids love it, so it can help them eat more veggies ūüôā

Amount        Ingredients

1/2 cup       Honey, spun, raw

1/4 cup        Mustard, dijon

1/4 cup        Vinegar, rice wine

1 cup           Canola oil


1. Place the honey, mustard and vinegar in the blender

2. While blender is running, slowly add the oil to emulsify

3. Taste, if you prefer a sweeter sauce, add more honey, if you like it more tart, add more mustard, if you like it thicker, more oil, if you like it thinner, add a little water and blend. It’s such a simple sauce that customizing it, to suit your palate, is easy. Have fun experimenting and enjoy!


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