Simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I am so happy to be in pumpkin season! I have posted about Pumpkin butter and ideas about what things I like to do with pumpkins, but the seeds are wonderful “by-product” of pumpkins. After removing them from the pumpkin, rinse them well & drain well before cooking.

These remarkable seeds also offer great health benefits, here’s what Natural News says:

“Pumpkin seeds were cherished by Native Americans for their healing properties. History has esteemed these seeds for their diuretic properties and their ability to soothe irritated tissues; they are pain eliminators, and they therapeutically expel parasites.”

“Rich in vitamins A and E, these small, crunchy seeds are also full of phytosterols. These are compounds found in plants that are believed to support a reduction in blood levels of cholesterol, to enhance the immune response, and to decrease the risk of certain cancers when consumed on a regular basis. Phytosterols can help lower cholesterol and can have amazing anti-inflammatory benefits. Because of the seeds’ abundant levels of zinc, consuming them regularly has shown to help protect prostate health in men and bone health for all. The healing properties of the little green seeds, also known as pepitas, have also been recently investigated with respect to arthritis because of their ability to help reduce inflammation.”

So eat up! I make as many as possible during this season, so I can keep them as a snack through the year. They are a great replacement for popcorn too!
Amount                           Ingredients
4 cups                              Pumpkin Seeds, wash, drained well, pulp removed
1/4 cup                            Olive oil, extra virgin
2 tsp                                 Sea salt, course is best for this
2 tsp                                 Garlic, granulated
1. Toss ingredients together in a bowl
2. Spread out flat onto a lined half sheet pan
3. Place in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes
4. Stir them up on the pan so they cook evenly
5. Cook approximately 10 more minutes or until they are golden brown & crispy
6. Remove, allow to cool, then Enjoy!


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