Roasted Pepper Couli

What is a couli? Just a fancy name for a puree. This sauce will jazz up any meal. It’s great along side the protein you are cooking, it’s good mixed in with plain rice, it’s nice over veggies, or as a dressing. However you use it, it is always a welcomed addition to any dish. The technique of roasting peppers is always a nice skill to have as well. If you garden or get a great deal on a load of peppers, this is an excellent way to prepare them before jarring them or just cooking them before they go south.

As you may have noticed from my last few posts, I am excited about the grilling season coming back around! I am a grill freak! I use my grill every chance I get. As we move into summer, I will be posting tons of grilled items in my recipes. Here we go on this one, Enjoy!

Amount               Ingredient

2   large                 red bell peppers

1    large                orange bell pepper

1    large                yellow bell pepper

2 tablespoons    olive oil, extra virgin

1 teaspoon         sea salt

½ teaspoon        black pepper, ground

3 cloves                garlic, whole, peeled


Sequence            Step

1              After peppers have been washed and garlic cloves are peeled, toss in olive oil

2              Place a sheet of foil on hot grill, then poke holes in it with a knife. Put the peppers and garlic on the foil.

3              Allow the peppers and garlic to char, for about two minutes on each side over high heat, until all sides are    chard.

4              Remove from heat and place in a container with lid or bowl with cover.

5              Allow the peppers and garlic to “steam” themselves while cooling, for at least 15 minutes.

6              Peel away the chard skin from each pepper. It”s easiest to do this under running water. Also discard the stems and seeds. At this point is also a wonderful time to jar the peppers for later use if roasting peppers in bulk, as they can be used for many recipes.

7              Place the peppers, garlic and seasoning in the blender. Blend until smooth.

8              Serve hot or cool.


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