Red Potato Salad

A summer classic, but you know I must put a spin on it to make it a little different than the “norm”. This dish is great to prepare ahead of time, it will keep in the refrigerator for a least a week. It’s best made the day before, so the ingredients have a chance to marry.

I adore easy cooking and creating meals that include ingredients that can be used in multiple dishes. Another tip, as I have said before, I like to leave the skins on if the potatoes are fresh, young and super clean. Potato skins boast tons of nutrients plus it saves time and effort by not peeling. If you prefer, this recipe will be great with peeled potatoes, of any kind, as well.

Note: Vegan’s can omit the eggs and use vegan mayo. Otherwise, it’s pretty straight forward. Enjoy!

Amount                Ingredient

4 cups                   Baby Red Potatoes, cleaned and quartered

1/4 cup                Red onion, small dice

1/4 cup                Mixed bell peppers, small dice

1/4 cup                Green onions, sliced small

2 each                   Cage free eggs, hard boiled, peeled, broken into 1/2 inch pieces by hand

3 Tablespoons   Dill, fresh chopped (if using dried, use half amount)

1 Tablespoon    Parsley, fresh chopped (same deal here)

1 teaspoon         Sea salt

1/4 teaspoon     Black pepper

1/2 teaspoon     Garlic, granulated

3/4 cup                Canola or Olive oil Mayonaise or Veganaise

3 Tablespoons   Dijon mustard



1. Boil potatoes in water until fork tender, don’t over-do it, you could end up with potato mash!

2. Drain potatoes and immediately place in an ice water bath to “shock” them and stop the cooking process

3. Drain potatoes after they have cooled, drain well, excess water will make the salad runny 🙁

4.  Once all of your veggies and herbs are chopped, add them to the bowl with potatoes

5. Add all ingredients and mix with a spoon gently, as not to make potato mash

6. Allow at least one hour in refrigerator to let ingredients get happy together


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