Real Pumpkin Butter

Awe…Pumpkin butter, one of the best things to do with pumpkins. In this post I am featuring some of my favorite pumpkin butter recipe links which gives YOU options! I am a firm believer in substituting sugar with birchwood Xylitol, raw honey, stevia, any one or a combination (which is what I do-example: 2Tbls Xylitol, 2Tbls Honey, 1 Stevia packet).  If a recipe calls for brown sugar, replace with the sweetener mix that I described above (1:1:1/8) plus 1/4 (tsp in this case) of gluten free molasses, mix together before adding to recipe for a delicious brown sugar flavor (even better in my humble opinion :). I choose not to use agave as it is high in fructose. Read more here on

I love the method of using my crockpot, it’s easy and pain free. In addition, I only use REAL pumpkin meat…just cut those babies in half, clean out the middle (keep the seeds to roast, they are so good for you), throw them open side up on a sheet pan in a 350 degree oven, roast until fork tender, then scoop them out. You can use this “meat” in so many differently delicious ways, like: pumpkin pie, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin souffles, pumpkin stuffing, pumpkin cheesecake, cookies, soup, waffles, pancakes, pudding……and the list goes on and on of wonderful things flavored with pumpkin, but you get the point. And it makes all the difference in taste using freshly roasted pumpkins, as opposed to canned.

Back to Pumpkin butter, here are some lovely recipes:

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Pure 2 Raw

One more tip: Pumpkin butter is a good substitute for eggs in baking recipes!! And you can use it just like apple butter too.


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