REAL Mayonnaise (Canola)

Since going dairy free, we began eating more mayo, so much that it has gotten really expensive! I try to avoid vegetable/soybean oil, and prefer only organic eggs, which leaves us with very few options, all of which are pricey.

This mayo is better than any that I’ve bought. The taste is fresh and creamy. I enjoy using it to make Ranch dressing and any composed salad. I use Canola oil, but you can use any oil that you prefer, just keep in mind that if you use extra virgin olive oil, that would be delicious but olive oil is a strong flavor so you may want “dilute” it by using half of another type of mild tasting oil (like canola).

Lastly, I use organic, free-range eggs, cage-free are fine too. The difference between these eggs and the “regular” eggs is that they are fresher, naturally produced by chickens that can roam freely, the whites are as clear as water and cook to a bright white, and the yolk is taunt and bright yellow, and the taste is unbelievably better. Now, I haven’t tried this recipe using an egg replacement, but if you try, please let me know how that works out.

Amount              Ingredients
2 each                  Eggs, whole, organic, free-range or cage-free
1 cup                    Canola oil
1 tsp                     sea salt
1 packet              Stevia (I used “In The Raw”)
1 tsp                     apple cider vinegar
pinch                   citric acid (you could use 1 tsp lemon juice but you may need to add more oil to thicken and compensate for the added liquid)

1. Place eggs in blender, blend until combined
2. Place the lid on the blender, but open the hole and begin slowly pouring the oil in while blender is running, you see the mixer begin to thicken. This is the point where you can add more or less oil depending on how thick you like your mayo to be
3. Add all other ingredients, blend to combine
4. Pour into a container with lid and refrigerate or eat now 🙂

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