Jammin’ for Labor Day! Sugar-free Seedless Blackberry Jam

Is is just me or do berries go bad REALLY fast! Well, here is another great use for berries, in this case blackberries! Besides being delicious and rich in antioxidants, Blackberries are loaded with nutrients and are very low calorie.  Click here to view all the health benefits of the Blackberry at the Clean Eating Club website.  This recipe uses birchwood xylitol and stevia, both are safe & natural alternative low-calorie sweeteners, unlike toxic Splenda (sucralose), Sweet n Low, Equal, etc.The jam ends up being slightly sweet & tart, not overly or sharply sweet or tart. By combining the xylitol and the stevia, it creates a happy union that tastes like sugar.

The only thing that gets me about Blackberries, are the seeds! So in order make this seedless, I find that it’s easier if you heat them on the stove. I added water to this batch, but apple juice is also a good thing to use. This recipe can be adapted to make any fruit jam (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Boisenberry, etc).


Amount                Ingredients

3 cups                   Blackberries, fresh

1/4 cup                Water or apple juice

3/4 cup                Birchwood Xylitol

2 packets             Stevia

2.5 tsp                  Gelatin, unflavored

2 Tbls                    Lemon Juice



1. In a sauce pot over medium low heat, heat the blackberries with the water or apple juice for about 10 minutes or until they are mushy liquid, stir occationally

2. Remove from heat, strain through a fine tooth strainer, you will need to assist the straining process by scraping a spoon along the bottom of the strainer so the juice can push on through past the seeds and big pulp. Empty the seeds and pulp into the trash after each time you have strained as much as the strainer can hold. You should end up with about 1.5 cups of blackberry juice in the end.

3. Place the juice back in a clean sauce pot, and add all other ingredients and whisk together so there are no clumps. Bring to a simmer for 2-3 minutes, taste to make sure the xylitol has dissolved and is no longer grainy. Remove &  jar. Refrigerate.

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