Healthy Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce

My son loves fish sticks and chicken fingers, so I needed to create a healthful and allergy free version. When it comes to changing the eating habits of a 3 year old who has never had food restrictions, to one that has multiple food restrictions, re-creating the classics are an absolute must.

We enjoy this breading with fish or chicken. It can be varied by changing the seasoning mix that is added. Once again, if you are going to make the effort to cook from scratch, then why not make it as nutritious as possible? This recipe includes high protein flours: garbanzo, quinoa and buckwheat. In addition, I like to add golden flax seeds to the mix for that extra punch of Omega 3’s.

For the Fish breading & frying:
Amount         Ingredients
1 lb                   Wild Cod, fresh (you could any white fish or even chicken)
1/3 + 1 cup   Garbanzo flour (1 cup for dredging)
1/3 cup           Quinoa flour
1/3 cup           Buckwheat flour
2 Tbls              Flax Seeds, golden
1 Tbls              Cajun seasoning
2 tsp                 Sea salt
1 each              egg, organic, free-range (or egg substitute)
1/2 cup           So Delicious coconut milk, unsweetened (green carton)
2 cups              Canola oil

Tartar Sauce
Amount          Ingredients
1 cup                Mayonaise, canola or olive oil with cage-free eggs, organic
3 Tbls              Pickles, chopped
1 tsp                 Dill, fresh (use half amount for dry)
1/4 tsp            Sea salt
dash                 pepper

1. Trim cod, remove skin if it is not already done. Cut 1/2 inch slices.
2. Place the oil in a pot suitable for frying, over medium heat, heat to 350 degrees
3. Mix flours (reserve the 1 cup of garbanzo), flax seed and cajun seasoning
4. Separately whisk together the egg and the milk
5. In a third bowl, place the 1 cup of garbanzo flour alone
6. Now to make the “breading station”, get ready to coat each piece of fish. In a row, first the mixed flour bowl, then the egg wash bowl, then the plain flour bowl, last an empty plate to set the breaded fish on before frying.
7. You will need to do this in batches, so once you have breaded 5 or 6 pieces and your oil is 350 degrees, gently lay each piece of fish into the oil, one at a time. While the first batch is cooking, bread some more.
8. Fry the fish for 5 minutes or until the breading is golden brown and crispy.
9. Remove fish and place on a drain rack or clean towel to catch the excess oil. Sprinkle with sea salt.
10. Allow oil to heat back up for a minute, then begin frying the second round. Repeat until all fish is cooked.
11. For tartar sauce, just mix ingredients together, if you can give them an hour or so to sit in refrigerator that is best, so the flavors will marry
12. For the “chips” or french fries, use this recipe for delectable and healthy fries.

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