“Have it your way” Creamy Fruit Salad


This fruit salad is staple at our house, especially when the weather gets warm. It changes every time we make it, but the creamy sauce and the nutritional value remain pretty much the same.

We eat this with breakfast, brunch or even as a dessert! It is incredibly versatile, and provides lots of energy to fight off old man Fatigue! We purchase as much organic foods as possible, so we generally get whatever fruit is on sale, or seasonally in abundance at the farmer’s market.

The vegan cream cheese that I used in the picture is made with soy and coconut. Although, I have used oat based cream cheese before, as well as nut based cream cheese. Whichever you need/prefer, the end result is the same…creamy delight all over your favorite fruits.

There is no sweetener added, but there is sweetener in the So Delicious yogurt. This recipe really plays up the sweetness of the fruits.

Here’s how:


Amount               Ingredient

½     cup                Vegan Cream Cheese

½     cup                coconut yogurt, So Delicious

¾     cup                coconut flakes, unsweetened, organic

1 tablespoon      Lime juice, raw – or 1 TBSP

1 cup, diced        pineapple, organic

½ cup, sliced       strawberries, organic

½ cup                    Grapes, cut in half, organic, seedless


1              Place cream cheese, coconut yogurt and lime juice in the blender and blend until smooth

2              Mix fruits and coconut together

3              Fold in the cream cheese mixture until all fruit is coated evenly


Tidbit: I prefer to mix the sauce with the fruit just before serving. It’s not nearly as creamy the next day, as the fruit soaks up the creaminess 🙂

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