Grilled Tilapia with Hot Mustard Aioli and Miso Seaweed Quinoa

This dish contains some of my favorite things, like grilled fish, spicy cream sauce and the power house of super foods…miso, seaweed and quinoa! I normally avoid soy all together, although we are not intolerant, it is simply not healthy…UNLESS it is organic AND fermented, then it’s extremely healthy. Seaweed is another superfood that has many healing and protective properties, including helping to protect us from radiation absorption. Quinoa, what’s not to like to about quinoa? It’s loaded with protein, vitamins and nutrients AND it’s an excellent alternative to rice or potatoes when you are gluten free.

Now, when it comes to grilling fish or other delicate meats, here’s a trick to getting nice grill marks and avoiding breaking the fish which then falls through the grates….First, clean the grates, then roll a small towel around a pair of tongs and dip in oil, rub the grates with the oil just before grilling. Make sure the grill is nice and hot before laying the fish across, always presentation side first, or with fish, the non-skin side.

Amount Ingredients

1 lb                   Tilapia filets

2 Tbls              All-Purpose seasoning (1 Tbls sea salt, 1/2 Tbls black pepper, 1/2 Tbls garlic, granulated)

3 Tbls             Olive oil


1 cup              Mayonnaise, use my recipe

2 Tbls             English mustard powder, beware this is very hot, so you will want to taste as you go to suit your palate


1 cup             quinoa

1/2                 coconut milk

1 cup             water

1/4 cup        miso, organic, fermented (not made of barley either)

1 sheet          seaweed, I broke up one dry sushi wrap

1 tsp               all-purpose seasoning



1. Drizzle tilapia filets with oil, then season them, both sides

2. Put all ingredients for quinoa in a pot with a tight fitting lid, place over medium low heat for about 15 minutes or until the quinoa has ~just~ absorbed all the liquid

3. Place the fish on the hot grill, grill each side for 2-3 minutes

4. Whisk together the mustard powder with the mayonnaise until smooth

5. Fluff the quinoa with a fork and serve

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