Flap Jacks (aka Pancakes)

Every weekend we like to make a big breakfast to kick off our family time together. This one is always a hit with adults and kids alike. These pancakes are special because they are gluten and dairy free, plus there is no sugar added. They also differ from the gluten free pancake mixes that you would find at the store, since there is no rice or potato product in them.

As you will soon find with many of my recipes, I use a lot of coconut products. I truly believe in coconut’s ability to heal and keep us healthy in so many ways. Also, you will find that there are flax seeds in this recipe, which brings Omega 3 and a wonderfully unique flavor to the table. These are pleasantly sweet, light, fluffy and moist. Even my picky 3 year old can’t get enough of them!

I steer clear of high fructose corn syrup, so using a syrup without that is best. And I never buy any “sugar free” syrups from the store, since most have a toxic sweetener added instead. If anyone has a favorite jelly, jam and/or syrup that is sweetened with stevia or xylitol, please do share! I stick to unsweetened fruit jams, jellies or syrups, if you can find them. The fruit is sweet enough in itself. We buy ours from the local farmers market. I will also post recipes for these in the future.

Without further adu, here’s the recipe:

Amount              Ingredient
1/4 cup             coconut flour
1/3cup              Arrowroot, Tapioca Starch or Potato starch will do the trick 😉
1/2cup              flax seeds, whole ground
1/4cup              Millet flour
1  teaspoon      Stevia, 2 packets
1/2teaspoon    sea salt
3 teaspoons    baking powder, Gluten free
2 each               eggs, Free Roaming Organic Brown
2+2 bls            coconut oil
1cup                  vanilla coconut milk

Sequence     Step
1    heat griddle with additional coconut oil
2    use a 2oz scoop or latel to potion on to griddle
3    these will not bubble, cook 1-2 minutes on medium heat
4    flip, cook 1 more minute on second side





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  1. Looks great! What can you substitute for the cornstarch and still make it gluten-free?

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