The Freedom Chef LLC is an Independence, Missouri limited liability company owned and operated by Becky Ross.  Ms. Ross is not a doctor or a nutritionist, but is a professional chef with a culinary degree, and years of experience and personal research to develop expertise.  The information provided by The Freedom Chef LLC is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Taking natural products should be a decision based on your own personal research and on the understanding of the role that food and food-derived supplements play in health and well-being.  Natural products should only be used with the advice and support of a qualified natural health care professional.  The Freedom Chef LLC nor its owners, employees or agents are not responsible for the misuse and/or abuse of any products sold or referred to.  Users of information or products, as well as previous, current and future customers, who fail to consult their health care professional prior to beginning any health and/or fitness regime assume the risk of any adverse effects. Food products purchased and received by purchaser are sold “as-is”, and the seller will not be held liable for any mistreatment of the product, or adverse reaction to the product due to mistreatment of the product, once it has been inspected and accepted by the purchaser. In the event that a product is thought to be defective, purchaser should immediately return the product to The Freedom Chef who will then  refund or replace the product according to The Freedom Chef LLC’s judgment of the condition of the product or situation. Please notify The Freedom Chef LLC as soon as possible in any such case as we will make every effort to expedite a remedy to any adverse occurrence. Products being shipped are recommended to be insured. Due the nature of shipping, products are not guaranteed by the seller to arrive by a certain date or time. The seller will make every effort to package and prepare each product to withstand the process of the shipping, but cannot be held liable for mistreatment, time delays or other damage caused by the shipping company. Perishable products may incur additional processing, packaging or handling fees, only when necessary. Local pickup can be arranged and local delivery is available upon request, delivery fees are assessed based on location.


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