Corn and Flour free Tortillas!

Now that we are gluten, diary AND corn free, we are facing all new cravings without some of my favorite corn products! I had to find a way to make tortillas and tortilla chips. I searched online and found a recipe for tortillas that don’t use corn or gluten flours, I came across The recipe was posted by Chef Laurie Gauguin who specializes in gluten free cooking. Since I am new to finding alternatives to corn (other than just avoiding it), this recipe was eye-opening. It uses yellow split peas as the base. And come to find out you can use pretty much any dry bean.

Low and behold, I happened to have yellow split peas on hand, so I tried this recipe and played with it over the last few days, I changed it a bit and tested making it into chips. My hubby and kids can’t get enough! Now I just have to figure out how to mass produce them in a short period of time. They would be great to have around all the time. And not only do they taste incredible, they have tons of protein and nutrients from the peas! Talk about packing a punch and making each bite count! Bingo! Tacos…here we come!

Here’s how I did it:

Amount            Ingredient
1.5 cups            Yellow Split Peas, dry
1/2 cup              Brown Rice, dry
3 cups                Water, besides water to soak & rinse
1 tsp                    Sea salt
as needed         Oil, I used olive oil, for the pan

1. Soak the peas and rice (in refrigerator) for at least 24 hours plenty of water to cover by at least an inch
2. Drain and rinse well
3. Place in the blender with one cup of water
4. Blend until smooth, then add the rest of water (I found making a thin mixture made a crisp, less cakey, tortilla to my liking, but if you prefer you can use less water)
5. Add salt and blend to incorporate
6. I used an 8 inch hard anodized skillet to make the tortillas, but did have success with a 12 inch hard anodized skillet as well. I’m sure a tortilla press would work well too, if you have one.
7. Add about a teaspoon of oil to the hot skillet, I had best results with the pan over medium-high heat.
8. Pour about 1/4 cup of mixture in a circle formation, ending in the middle, then don’t touch it until you see the edges begin to crisp up
9. Use a flexible spatula to loosen around the edges, make the tortilla is not stuck to the pan 3-5 minutes
10. FLIP, I spend years making omlettes and eggs to order, so flipping comes easy, but feel free to use a spatula to flip the tortilla, cook 1 more minute, remove

Next, Chips or something similar to chips:

1. Drizzle oil over full size silicone muffin pan
2. Place 1 Tablespoon of mixture in each muffin mold
3. Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes or until crispy
4. Allow to cool, then remove and serve
5. If using on another day, you could throwing them in the fryer to freshen them up and make them extra crispy….yum!


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