Composed Chicken Salad

This recipe is always a guest favorite, they are impressed and satisfied eating this cold and hearty salad. It’s best made the day before, even a couple days is fine, but it needs time for the ingredients to marry. I prefer to serve it on a bed of romaine lettuce or serve as lettuce wraps. Reserve the bones for Stock, click here for the recipe.

Amount              Ingredients

1 whole               Rotisserie Chicken, remove skin, pull meat from bones, remove all

pieces of fat and cartilage

4 slices                Bacon, cooked crispy, large chop

1/2 cup              Red Onion, small dice

3 each                 Eggs, free-range or cage-free, hard boiled, broken into bite-sized pieces

1/2 cup              Almonds, slivered or sliced, toasted

1/2 cup               Raisins, unsulfurized (you could also use grapes or apples)

1.5 cups              Mayonnaise, olive oil or canola oil based

3 Tbls                   Dill, fresh, chopped (if using dry cut amount by half)

2 Tbls                   Parsley, fresh flat-leaf, chopped (if dry, use half)

1 tsp                     Sea salt

1/2 tsp                Black pepper

2 packets            Stevia, or preferred sweetener, 1 tsp xylitol or palm sugar

1/2 tsp                 Garlic, granulated



1. Place all ingredients in  a large mixing bowl

2. Fold together until well coated

3. If using grapes or apples, moisture will release over time, so if mixture is slightly thick, check again before service, if still dry, add more mayonnaise

4. Refrigerate overnight

5. Serve over lettuce, in lettuce wrap or on toasted bread


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