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Welcome to The Freedom Chef! Thank you for joining me, Chef Becky Ross, on my journey through Allergy free cooking, the health benefits of food and how food relates to many health concerns. This website is designed to educate and equip those who are seeking to utilize food’s healing powers, while avoiding foods that our body’s are intolerant of.

The Freedom Chef stands for the Freedom to EAT and be satisfied; the Freedom to think outside the box when it comes to the Food pyramid; the Freedom of numerous illnesses and allergies that can be improved or even cured by food; and the Freedom of feeding your family healthfully on a budget of time and money.

Who is The Freedom Chef? My name is Becky Ross. I am a chef on a mission! I am also a mother, wife and daughter. As a breastfeeding mother, I was required to eat Gluten and Dairy free. Wow….what an experience this has been! The highs and lows that are involved emotionally are incredible.  In the mist of this, my mother discovered that her heart problems were related to Gluten and Sugar. She and my sister had already begun a gluten and sugar free diet. This is when I officially began my gluten, dairy and sugar free exploration.

As time went on, the foods kept in our house had changed completely. I started noticing subtle signs that my son was having issues with food as well, mainly after eating things that my daughter and I could not. Then we all eliminated gluten and dairy. He had no more problems with sinus trouble or eczema or headaches or outdoor allergies, the list goes on….Months down the line, I still had an itching feeling that my children’s health could be better and thought I was missing something. Then the ear infections hit, both kids, after two rounds of antibiotics to no avail, I eliminated corn after consulting our Naturopathic doctor. Instantly they were better, 110%. Now we are the healthiest people around and enjoying every minute of life!

It can be overwhelming to even think of eliminating any type of food that one is intolerant to, but I’m here to assure you that it can be done and done so well that you will never look back! The number of recipes on this website will certainly grow with time, but the information on this blog will be timeless for all who utilize it.

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