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Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free French Toast

French Toast……Mmmmmm! But French Toast without gluten or dairy or sugar, oh my, that can’t be good! But it is, and it’s luscious! This is again a very simple recipe that contains some of my favorite ingredients and makes everyone happy. I love making this breakfast on a morning when my kids are dying for […]

Beautiful Blueberry Jasmine Rice

By far our new favorite summer rice! The kids could hardly wait for dinner with this on the plate! It was incredibly simple to make, I was able to use up my blueberries before they went south, it came out with a fun purple color, wonderful taste and it naturally filled with magnificent nutrition. Blueberries […]

Grilled Tilapia with Hot Mustard Aioli and Miso Seaweed Quinoa

This dish contains some of my favorite things, like grilled fish, spicy cream sauce and the power house of super foods…miso, seaweed and quinoa! I normally avoid soy all together, although we are not intolerant, it is simply not healthy…UNLESS it is organic AND fermented, then it’s extremely healthy. Seaweed is another superfood that has […]

Pan-Seared Tilapia with Curry Butter & Coconut Basmati Rice

This dish is light but tastes rich and indulgent! The aromatic flavor of the basmati rice dances in perfect harmony with coconut, then combine with curry and butter, and it is simply heaven! I use clarified butter or ghee as a dairy-free alternative to whole butter. Put a pound of butter over low heat until […]

Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream – Dairy free

Finding dairy free ice cream that does not contain soy, is not easy. So Delicious makes luscious ice cream made of coconut milk, but it is on the expensive side so it is certainly a splurge item, but well worth it. I have done a lot of experimenting to make an ice cream that rivals […]

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