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Live News Segment on Coconut – featuring Coconut Flour Pancakes recipe

Dear, sweet friends, how I love you all so much! Almost as much as I love Coconut! Hee,hee 🙂 Recently, I was interviewed on a local news segment to talk about and cook with coconut…..yummmmm! It was incredibly brief, but you can read all about the health benefits of coconut here, also on my blog, […]

Grilled Calamari Caesar Pasta (Dairy free Caesar dressing too)

Caesar dressing is big missing link for me since Parmesan cheese is a major ingredient. In this version I used nutritional yeast instead and it turned out to be an almost better version of caesar than the original! Nutritional yeast is a complete protein that is rich in Vitamin B-complex, many vegans use this as […]

Quinoa Fried Calamari – Gluten Free!

Quinoa is one of those wonderful foods that yields an arsenal of different preparations and health benefits! It not your average grain, it’s actually a seed! I keep Quinoa & Quinoa flour on hand at all times, and I recommend doing the same and finding as many recipes containing Quinoa as possible. Start feeding it […]

Variety Fruit Salsa – Bursting with Summer Flavors!

Here we are rounding out the summer, getting into our back-to-school routines…well the foods of the season are not done yet! This salsa is wonderful last Hoorrah! It contains nectarines, strawberries AND blueberries, although almost any fruit would be delectable with this combination. If you have fruit that you need to use up before it […]

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast Stuffed with Nectarine & Onion

Nectarines are in season! This sweet and juicy fruit makes a great dessert on it’s own, but try using it in the Entree! Pairing it with onions and bacon creates a wonderful harmony of favors. I served this protein with sweet potatoes and more onions that had been tossed in maple syrup. It all cooks […]

Dairy free Sugar free Peanut Butter Chunk Ice Cream!

Thank you , Alisa Fleming for sharing this decadent dessert! I made this recipe, it was quick, easy and oh boy was it good! I wanted to share this one as it is Dairy free and Sugar free. I used my recipe for Almond butter to make peanut butter, but remember there are several […]

Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free French Toast

French Toast……Mmmmmm! But French Toast without gluten or dairy or sugar, oh my, that can’t be good! But it is, and it’s luscious! This is again a very simple recipe that contains some of my favorite ingredients and makes everyone happy. I love making this breakfast on a morning when my kids are dying for […]

Beautiful Blueberry Jasmine Rice

By far our new favorite summer rice! The kids could hardly wait for dinner with this on the plate! It was incredibly simple to make, I was able to use up my blueberries before they went south, it came out with a fun purple color, wonderful taste and it naturally filled with magnificent nutrition. Blueberries […]

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