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Summer Stew – A Lamb Shoulder One Dish Meal

This dish is a perfect utilization of the farmers market bounty this time of year. There are so many different vegetables that can be used for this. It is paleo, diabetic and allergen friendly, low carb and incredibly healthful. In this case, I used what I had and it is heavenly! It all starts with […]

Gluten Free Puff Pastry and Beef Wellington with Cognac Mushroom Cream Sauce

Gluten Free Puff Pastry and Beef Wellington with Cognac Mushroom Cream Sauce

I LOVED cooking with RYZE gluten free flour! It’s a cup for cup replacement for wheat flour and in my opinion, it works! One of my main philosophies when cooking healthy is to use simple ingredients, the fewer ingredients the better. That way you know exactly what is going in to your body and you […]

GO GREEN with your Party Food this St. Patrick’s Day! Natural Coloring!

This morning I did a segment with a local news station. Click here to view the video. Below are 4 recipes for fun and easy appetizers, that are sure to be hit with their fun green colors AND wonderful flavors! Have fun making these and have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!   Tomatillo […]

TURKEY – Secret Recipe for THE BEST Whole Roasted Turkey!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Want succulent, juicy turkey that is fool proof? Today I will share my recipe for Thanksgiving day turkey. It is a combination of techniques that has been tried and true to deliver the best turkey flavor of any that I’ve encountered in my career. Brined, Injected, Stuffed, Seasoned and Basted […]

Horseradish & Tarragon Roasted Salmon & Yukon Gold Potatoes

This recipe is one of my favorite flavor combinations that balances each of the bold ingredients included to yield a perfectly rounded flavor that is far from overwhelming, it’s harmonious actually. Roasting is also one of my favorite ways to cook, preparing all the ingredients at the beginning, then popping it in the oven and […]

Simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I am so happy to be in pumpkin season! I have posted about Pumpkin butter and ideas about what things I like to do with pumpkins, but the seeds are wonderful “by-product” of pumpkins. After removing them from the pumpkin, rinse them well & drain well before cooking. These remarkable seeds also offer great health […]

Dairy free Creamed Spinach with Bosc Pears

Four basic ingredients make a delightful pairing in this side dish. Normally creamed spinach contains plenty of heavy cream and cheese. This version is naturally sweet and it makes a welcome substitution for all your holiday meals. It takes just minutes to make, so cook just before service time.   Amount                    Ingredients ½ cup                       Coconut […]

Allergy friendly Cobb Salad

Here is another one of my favorite meals for anytime, fast, easy and healthfully complete.  It can be made many different ways to suit what you have available. The basic idea is to be full and satisfied with plenty of protein and veggies, no need for carbs! Amount                                 Ingredients 1 head                                   Iceberg lettuce, trimmed & […]

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