Almond Butter with Coconut oil

Almonds and almond butter are always on hand at our house. Almonds make a great snack, or alternative to chips, and are loaded with essential fats which are incredibly healthful for all of us. Check out this great article from Bob’s Red Mill about the health benefits of almond butter.

Almond butter also is easy to prepare while doing other things, just throw the almonds in the food processor and let it run.

I use coconut oil in my almond butter, which adds another dimension to the essential fats and the flavor, plus it adds the seemingly limitless health benefits of coconut.

Amount Ingredients
3 cups Almonds, roasted, unsalted
1/4 cup Coconut oil, extra virgin
1 tsp sea salt

1. Place almonds in food processor
2. Blend and blend and blend, until smooth
3. Add coconut oil and salt, blend to combine
4. Pour into a container with lid and refrigerate


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