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Want Freedom? Freedom to live your life to the fullest? The sole purpose for The Freedom Chef is to share researched information and custom recipes for those looking to nourish themselves to wellness.

Chef Becky is a degreed chef with a mountain of real world experience running busy restaurants, hotels, catering, meals for complicated dietary requirements, healthy school lunch programs and, most importantly, a mother of children with multiple food sensitivities.

This work-in-process blog focuses on real food, nutritional, great tasting, tried and true recipes which accommodate a range of dietary needs which Chef Becky has personally catered to clients, aiding them back to health.

Paleo, Diabetic, Candida, Renal, Extreme Weight Loss, Cardiovasular Health, Autism, Pureed, Multiple Allergy, IBS and more needs met are being added to this list each and every day.

Healthy Allergen-friendly School Lunch Programs

Affordable food service consulting for Kansas City Schools:

Scratch-made recipes for meals are Healthy, All-Natural and Kid-friendly

Balanced Nutrition improves Focus, boosts Immune Systems & Nourishes Growing Children

On-site staff training and vendor order guides available

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School Lunch Packet

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