Healthy Meals AND Groceries DELIVERED!

The Freedom Chef can accommodate ANY allergen and/or dietary need you may have. We specialize in custom meal preparation for each of our clients. Eat a freshly prepared, made from scratch, all-natural, healthy meal each and every day OR let us help you out by making some meals and bringing groceries for the rest!

The Freedom Chef takes the guesswork and pitfalls out of ANY dietary challenge, while providing you with DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS food of all kinds. ¬†Our website is trying to keep up with our Award-winning Nutrition Chef’s expertise, Becky Ross, so please shoot us an email at with questions or needs, we are happy to serve you, and confident we can accommodate your needs. GET STARTED NOW!

Elementary Pupils Enjoying Healthy Lunch In Cafeteria

NEW! School Lunch Catering!

Affordable Foodservice for KC Schools
Scratch-made meals are Healthy, All-Natural & Kid-friendly
Nutrition that boosts Focus & Immune System
Nourishes Growing Children
Allergen-friendly meals for All-Inclusive meal time

See Why TFC's Lunch Catering is Different

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